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spacerBalancing the body on the physical, biochemical and emotional levels can take the body out of defense, and allow healing.  Your beliefs play a major role in this balance

Are you ready to increase your vibrational frequency, grow and gain momentum in your life? What are your greatest challenges?

Cheryl graduated in Physiotherapy from University of Alberta. Owned and operated a Physical Therapy Clinic specializing in Sports and Orthopaedics over 20 years. Trained in Applied Kinesiology and Vibrational Energy.  Mastering life after 50!


I have had the pleasure to work with Cheryl over the last 7 years and have been inspired by how she cares for everyone she meets.  Her passion to help others grow and learn is seen in how she consistently works to improve her skills.  She takes time to explore all opportunities for growth and that radiates to the people who choose to work with her.  Cheryl has a zest for life and is committed to helping others become the best.

Kathleen Radu
Network Marketing Leader/Coach/Mentor


I have had the privilege of knowing Cheryl for more than 15 years. In those times she has been a truly unique friend. One who has always been totally in the moment. She is a wonderful inspiration to us all. With excellent coaching skills , patience, and support Cheryl is a great leader and speaker. She is thoughtful, sensitive, motivated and I would definitely recommend working with her. Best of all she is someone I call a true, loving friend.

Wendy Blondeau