THE CONNECTION COACH                    

Healer, Teacher, Mentor

The mind is a powerful planner from which to strategize, but it is not the place we were meant to live our life from.  Find better relationships, finances and successes in your life.  

Live on purpose by connecting to your heart, your inner guidance system, in JOY each moment.  


My Vision is to share love through divine connection to many in our world. I am passionate about helping others dream big and find a way to live the happy life they were meant to. To make the world a better place. 

Do you realize everything around you is energy? Both your awareness and perception can change your own energetic vibration. That knowing who you are and what your true beliefs are can change your life?  

My Mission is to teach and support you in tapping into your true self and your inner divinity ~ connecting moment to moment with source energy until it becomes your experience to form your thoughts and your beliefs from this place.  To listen and love in the happiness and gratitude of who you are.  

My Why is to live my life on purpose, sharing that which I am so passionate about.  Helping others find their connection to who they truly are and to their soul’s purpose makes my heart sing.   


My STORY     It’s all about Perception and Mindset

Throughout the past 30 years I have experienced business building and entrepreneurship. I have had mindset changes, moving through an amazing 20 years in my own Physical Therapy Clinic to working as an entrepreneur of Energy Work and mentoring others on my way.  It has taught me that passion and awareness are within each of us ~ it is what we decide to do with them that makes the difference

The universe is telling  you something, do you want to hear it?  Making space in silence is to ‘listen’ to our inner guidance.        

In hindsight I have shifted gears in my life over and over….  often, but not always, by choice. I have three beautiful daughters and raised them as a single Mom for the most part.

When people suggest I led a ‘hard’ life because of relationship failures and struggles over the years, my response is always “are you kidding?”  There are so many lessons learned!

My perspective is everything. It has always shifted me forward in life!   As an intuitive I have learned to recognize early signs of impending changes.  But that does not mean I listened-at first! I learned to be strong, perhaps wearing a protective jacket for far too long. And I often stuck my head in the sand, or tried to change the events that were happening with stubborn resistance.  And it isn’t about being perfect!  Let’s be real, it’s the only way we can shift and transform!  

Learning to TRUST my own heart was the first step. Learning to be AWARE from moment to moment added meaning to it all.

I found I must bring self compassion to the table. We must know and appreciate who we really are. This includes what you are passionate about,  your personality, your spirituality, your sense of humour…. and your core values. This means we all have a light to shine!

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way of life
~ Marianne Williamson


Now, I claim to have retired at 48 when I shifted my focus to healing with energy work. Because I was inspired to follow that dream I no longer considered myself working! So I added ‘giving back’ in the form of giving my time to a homeless shelter. What a way to catapult me into a new world!  I give gratitude every day for the growth I have chosen to receive, the actions I have chosen to take… and in appreciation for what I have learned. 

Shifts and transitions are happening for many today.  From baby boomers to generation Z.   Consciousness and co-creation are becoming synonymous. Energy follows ‘feeling’ and not just ‘thought’, co-creation happens when you begin to act on your heart’s desires.   

IT’S TIME!  So many are looking for hope and a way up.


Let’s Get To Know Each Other!


Cheryl Relf
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