LOVE YOUR LIFE ~ everything you need is inside you



I am meeting people everyday that have taught me so much about success in all areas of this life. The truth is there are many that don’t succeed in the world of business, relationships, happiness to name a few!  It all begins with you. 


Everything you need to fulfill your dreams and have a happy and successful life is inside of you.  Be open to possibilities, find the magic in each moment. Listen to the whispers of your inner guidance system.

BELIEVE that when you authentically see yourself as capable and deserving you can be, do and have more. Act on them. That is showing up as YOU, the you we need in this world.

The Evolution of YOU involves balance and mindset ~ physical, emotional, energetic.  As you raise your vibration your goals become easier to attain. As you take action, then the universe has something to act on with you! 

Tools we will use:  

  • Transforming and neutralizing your limiting beliefs ~ with balance, joy and with momentum
  • How to become your own best coach through awareness and perception
  • Muscle testing and reconnecting primitive reflexes to balance the energies, taking you out of defence. (locally, one on one)
  • Awareness exercises to guide you in listening, and observation, and the power of attention and intention to develop your own intuition.
  • Meditations

My commitment to you is I will never quit on you or your dreams! No matter what is happening in your life or business, where your dreams lie, you must raise your energetic frequency, by living from your heart. Is it time to break through your challenges to reach your goals? 

When your past experiences are painful, or hurtful and you have not yet accepted or learned that they had value… begin with this…

I Forgive all past experiences

“Always put your fears behind you and your dreams in front of you”

Forgive everyone for everything including yourself  – because you are really forgiving yourself in all of it! 



Cheryl Relf

I am open to your questions about where you are on your journey, and how you may be stuck or resistant.   Please send my your email in the chat box on the right of this page along with a brief message and I will email you to set up a time for consult (which we will do by phone if possible).   Namastè 

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